wELcOme to mY bLog...! hope you enjoy reading it with smiles on your face!! =))

Saturday, December 31, 2011

the end of 2011 people!

today is da last day of 2011... 31st December 2011.. lots of things had happened throughout diz year... i mean A LOT.. hurm... let me see.. got a boyfriend.. got cheated... breaking up.. a miserable week.. totally  miserable.. holidays! besfrens got engaged.. besfrens got married! me? still not! hehe.. kene duduk umah sewa.. the increasing of my expanses.. (sory abah!) hehehe... 1st time cuti semester smpi 4bln.. (sangat LAMA!) n during that time what did i do? nothing! duk umah blaja jadi isteri solehah gitu... hahahahaha.. mmg x la kan.. hurmm... what else... ha.. admitted again... n diz time sbb denggi! bodo punye nyamuk! huh! nasib la baek... kalo x, da almarhum agaknye kan.. hehehe... hurm... trying to amend my heart.. make it work again... n it works! who knows rite..? hehe.. well, las time i check, its still beating... so it means it works perfectly , rite.. ahhaa...

ok.. everyone is talking about their 'azam'.. what is 'azam' in english..? google translate... DETERMINATION! is it? im not sure.. but still thats what pop up when i push 'enter'.. hehe..  hurm... what was my azam dis year? cant remember.. so obviously i didnt achieve it.. man..! hurm.. let me think again...

        dumb da stupid guy  =  check
        forget da stupid guy  =  almost but still, check
        berjimat cermat  = nope
        increase my pointer  = check
        wearing hijab  =  check =))
        change of attitude  =  not sure
        lose some weight  = totally nope!

hehehe... so, i dont think dats is all my azam, but still, and since most of it 'check', i considered myself as good! hehe.. good job farah liyana! good job! so, what is my azam for 2012? still not sure and still trying to fifure it out... hehe.. theres a lot dat i want to share but dont know how to write...so, i'll just post some pictures dat explain my memorable and unforgettable memory of 2011.. people say a picture consist thousands of words.. so enjoy!

the reunion of RANGERS!

my bff Mimie Couts is married!!

with another bff, Tyra Razak! shes also already engaged!

LANGKAWI people!

JOHOR trip!


ok.. dats about 2% of da pictures.. there are still lots more but i dont think i shud put everything rite.. hehehe... well... whats more to write? hurmm... well.. ending da year with a fabulous time! is it? yes it is! why? because... hehehe.. not going to tell u guys yet... i'll tell everyone if everything going smoothly... hehe.. something to think about? hahaha... btw, im going to start da year with FINAL EXAM! GOD! do help me ok? so, guys, do pray for me ok? and...............


may Allah bless us all! and have a BLAST people!!!!!
oh ya.. one of my new azam is giving smiles as much as i could! hehehe...
same goes to u... hopefully...

note to self: need to determine my determination... (pelik jek bunyinye kan? x kisahla...) =)

lots of love
a girls with smiles! =))

Monday, December 5, 2011

letting go.............

i tot i already let it go..

but dis songs makes me realized that im still not letting it go.... 

a girl with smiles =))

Monday, November 28, 2011

my presentation sucks!

serve ME rite! padan muke kt dr sndr kan.. sape sowh x prepare... gile teruk aku buat presentation.. tah pape.. laen yg nk ckp, laen yg kuar.. haishh.. mst markah teruk giler... aduiyyaaaii... xde harapan la nk dpt pointer tggi cmne.. berangan je la jwbnye... tp kan, bkn nye aku x prepare langsung.. tp KURANG prepare... ngeh3... nk sedapkan ati sndr kan... ok.. tu jek nk ckp tuk entry kali ni.. nk siap2 tuk next class pulak... seb baik xde presentation da ari neh....

word of wisdom...
        " Life becomes easier when you stop having to pretend you are someone you are not. "

cam xde kene mengena pon ngn entry neh kan... tp ntah... just feel like sharing it.. hehehe... dats all for now.. n dont forget to keep on smiling!!!

note to self: need to practice on how to present in BETTER way...

a girl with smiles! =))

Saturday, November 12, 2011

insomnia.... damn!

ok.. almost few weeks tdo lmbt.. n skang da susa nk tdo.... mate ngantuk, tp still xleh tdo.... cmno nk bwat ni ha... haishh.. den da la ponat nih.. *tbe2 kuar loghat nogori lak kan* hehehe.. hurmm.. since aku xleh tdo, mari kt melalut dlm neh... ape nk tulis yek.. rase cm nk menaip je nih.. tp xtau nk ckp pasal pe.. ok.. let me see.. hurm... assignments! yes! mari kt bercakap pasal assignmentS.. diz sem aku amek 7 subjek.. tu include koko la iaitu golf.. ha.. jgn xtau.. aku maen golf skang.. bio x reti pgg kayu pon.. ngeh3... lupe lak.. koko itu ialah kokurikulum.. ke kokorikulum? hurm.. either one la kan.. yg penting aku kene amek subjek koko ni untuk 3 semester utk membolehkan aku graduate dgn jayanya! ha.. last 2 sems aku da amek bola sepak n rakan kaunselor.. hebat kan.. hehehehe.. n dis sem, amek golf.. y? sbb time ni la dpt maen golf dgn free.... ha... kalo maen kt luar, kene byr tau.. mahal lak tu! game tuk org kaye kan... tp seb baek subjek koko ni tiap2 ari sabtu jek... xde la rase malas sgt nk pg kan.. *walau slalunye mmg malas pon* hikhikhik... ok back to 'assignments' td.. aku ade 6 swubjek, x include koko la kan sbb koko xde assignment pon.. setiap subject akan ade 1 individual punye assignment n 1 group punye assignment.. so, basically satu subjek ade 2 assignment... so, 6 darab ngn 2 equals 12.. simple cmni la.. 2+2+2+2+2+2=12.. bayangkan! aku ade 12 assignments! banyak x?!!! banyak kan.. tp tu la life seorg student.. ceewwaahh... cam la aku sorg jek student kan... tp seb baek a few assignments da siap n da submit.. kebanyakan individual punye la.. so skangt ni tggl yg grup punye jek... tp yg grup punye ni pon.. masyaallah.. susah! lebih2 lg bile kene deal ngn ramaiorg neh.. fenin kepale weh..! ye la kan.. laen org, laen pendapatnye... tp bile msg2 xnk mengalah, doh guane..?? ha.. tubik doh ckp ganu aku... huhuhu.. tu la yg aku ngah fenin skang.. assignmnt yg lecturer tu bg tu pon xnk kalah kan.. die ingat universitu aku ni famous sgt kah..? mmg x la kan.. lg nk sowh deal ngn company beso2.. bile x famous, mane la so company tu nk lyn kan.. bo layan je la jwbnye.. tp, xpe, kami akan berusaha utk mndptkn pointer above 3.50 diz semester! yeay! insyallah.... amin.... tbe2 aku cm da ngantuk kan.. mybe sbb mkn ubat selsema td kot.. ok la.. nnt la smbg... lalok suda.. ape2 pon, dont forget to smile people!!

layan lagu neh dulu ea before tdo...

much love,
a girl with smiles! =))

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

its been soooo difficult....

rase cam da lame sangat... tp sebenarnye x sampai pon setahun... in fact, br few months... at first, i was so damn sad... rase cam ditumbuk pastu dipijak n dicincang lumat2.. pastu kene buang lam laut... camtu la perasaan nye... i am trying so hard to forget him.. but most of da time i failed.. in fact da feelings get deeper n deeper each day..  knape aku kene melalui semua tu.. i tot that only happen in movies.. not in real world... but i shud realize that those stories in da movies came from real life.. real experience... as for me that is soooo not good experience... rase cam ade lubang yg sgt besar n dalam dlm hati nie.. each time i'll try to climb out of that hole, i just fell right back into it.. n it sucks... it really really sucks... n i hate that.. dats not supposed to end like that.. i felt so betrayed...n da facts dat i cant tell anyone about it... cause im so damn embarrassed! setiap tempat yg aku pergi, mesti remind me of him... dat is y i hate dat place so much..  but i cant run away.. its not like i dont want to.. its just dat i cant.. i really cant.. sumtimes i always wonder... y do this things happened to me..? am i dat bad n dat diz is da way God chose to punish me..? but i cant do dat.. im not supposed to doubt God.. ni bukan citer hindustan yg bley suke2 nk marah tuhan.. thank God dat i still have my faith in God.. n i will always will.. mybe this is only some reminder for me... always think twice or think a lot before do anything..

people tend to say let bygone be bygone.. i've tried.. n i failed again as usual... people always told me to forgive n forget.. tp still x boleh.. it hurts so much dat i cant even breath! it felt like my heart r going to explode..! sumtimes i just hope dat it explode so dat i cant think about it anymore.. n mybe, just mybe i can be heartless.. so i cant feel anything anymore... when i cant feel, i'll able to think about myself only.. just me.. dont need to be afraid of falling again.. because falling in love is sumthing that i shud be avoiding.. people come n go... but i cant seem to let him go... he probably r enjoying his life to da max rite now.. n i..? stuck in diz stupid memory... its not like im not enjoying my life.. i do enjoy my life.. every minute of it.. but still, theres sumthing missing.. i never care or love anyone da way i love him.. there.. i said it.. i LOVE him! n i still do... dats sad rite.. pathetic i guess... but wat shud i do... hes not mine anymore.. n i hope hes not going to be mine... i tend to believe dat if we're r destined to be together, he'll come back... but now, after all that happen, i really dont want him to my life partner.. as i said, i love him.. but i dont think hes da one for  me...

nevertheless, i tried to accept new people in my life.. but its hard.. cause im afraid.. afraid dat im going to face da same thing all over again.. cause i dont think dat i can handle it again.. n still, im not sure whether i really like him or he just an excuse for me to show to everyone dat im over my ex.. sumtimes.. no.. most of da time, i really wish that we get back together... stupid rite..? i noe... cause like i said before... everything dat i do or everywhere dat i go, it will remind me of him.. it sucks tho...

argghhh..... this started to make me dizzy... i hate it! hate it to the max... i always said to keeps on smiling rite..? but now, even i cant smile.. n i hate him for making me diz way..

"The things that we crave the most are the things that destroy us the quickest."

a girl with smiles =)) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

unimportant tHinGs!

Life sometime can be deceiving. What is that supposed to mean? I’ve no idea. 

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote on this blog. A lot of things had happened. And a lot of people say that things happen for a reason. But, I really want to know what the reason behind all that happened. It is not because I doubt the power of God, but it seems that I really want to know why. Sometimes I can’t actually accept the things that happen. I’ve tried my best to accept everything. Trying to think that there’s always a blessing behind all of it. But still, I just can’t. 

It’s been almost three weeks since I’m back in this beautiful Terengganu. Its not that I hate this place but this place holds a lot of memories that I want to forget. Everywhere I go, I seem to remember everything. The harder I try to forget, the stronger it stays in my memories. I’ve come here to learn, to study and to increase my knowledge (that’s what my father says to me two years ago). But its been three weeks and I still does not have any moods to study. My brain seems to fade away everytime I went to class. I tried to focus when the lecturers give their lecture. But it only last for half an hour (that is the longest time that I can focus). The next minutes, I started to day dreaming. 

I do not know what actually happened to me. It feels like I lost my direction. I do not know what to do. To make it worst, sometimes there are people that I feel like punching them in the face. There are so damn annoying. But when I think back, sometimes it’s not actually their fault. It is probably my fault. It is? I don’t know. But let’s talk about other things.

When I’m wondering with my friends at town, I saw a lot of people and always wondering how is their life. Especially when I saw those cobblers. They look very old and yet there are still working at the side of the shop, repairing customer shoes. The price of every repair jobs that they done is not that much. Sometimes I don’t think that they had any customer at all. I wondering, where are their children? Don’t they have any? What do they eat today? Where do they live? Can they survive with that kind of job? And it feels sad every time those questions appear in my mind. But they doesn’t look sad at all. They always smile when people look at them. And I always think that what if my father works like them? What if I live the way they live? What would my life be? There’s a lot of ‘what if..?’ questions in my mind. Do I able to survive? Do I able to live my life the way I live now? How do their children live? What do they eat? What brand their clothes are? Do they even know there are brands that name Charles and Keith or Prada or even Guess? Are they happy with the way they live?

People here seem to be thankful with everything that they have. They don’t feel embarrassed buying anything at ‘pasar malam’ or tepi jalan’ or Mydin. For them, everything that they buy even if it is at ‘pasar malam’ they still treasured it. Before I came here, I always feel that things at Mydin or ‘pasar malam’ or that kind of places it so not my thing. Its not that I was ashamed or anything for buying things at those places but I just don’t know a lot about it and to be honest I feel that it so  ‘xde standard’. But here I learned that buying things at those places does not mean that you lower your standard. I saw a young boy that smile so big when his mother bought him a pair of shoes. Its not a Nike shoes orJjimmy Shoo shoes or even Bata shoes. Its just an ordinary shoes that his mom bought at Mydin, but still the boy was so happy. There are people that buy jeans at the market. So, what is actually wrong with buying things at those kinds of places? It stills the shoes and the jeans and the clothes that can be wearing, but why do I felt like that back then? I also do not know the reason.

Maybe it’s because the way I raised and the environment around me. Now I realized that buying things that are not branded does not mean that you had lowered you standard. It just make you appreciated the money more. Why do you want to buy a bag that cost you rm300 when you can actually buy a lot of other things with those rm300? What actually the differences with the bag that cost you rm200 with the bag that the price is only rm50? It still has the same function. It still has the same colour. Or if you’re lucky enough, it have the same design also. Some people said to me that we can actually differentiate between the real one and the imitation one. But when I put both things side by side, it does not have any differences. The only differences maybe the zip that had been sewed upside down. But people will not look at the zip of your bag right? So, what is wrong with buying cheaper things? 

So now I’m trying my best not to waste my money with buying those entire unnecessary things. Sometimes it works but sometimes it’s not. But I’m trying my best. But I don’t know why I talked about thins things. Hurmm… maybe I just feel like writing something. Because now I feel much better after writing all those so not important things. Anyway, whatever happened to me I will always keep smiling cause somewhere along the day, they will always something that makes me smile and make my day!

Keep on smiling people!

A girl with smiles =))

Saturday, May 28, 2011

my life in a W E E K ...

ok... aku rase skang da dekat tiga mggu kot cuti... two words.. BOSAN GILER!! omg sgt ea... keje aku makan n tdo jek... xpon tolong umi masak... kalo rajin la... hehehe... ok.. let me see what have i done in diz week.. last week, balik seremban... why..?? cause i need to sen my brother.. he got to enter Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan... located at my father hometown which is in Kuala Pilah! can be considered as my hometown also la kan... at first, my lil brother does not want to go... because he thought that the college in in urban area... its true though.. there's nothing in its town... it just a small town... can be called as Pekan Pilah.. but still, he has to go... well, basically after being brain washed by my father la... hahaha... padan la muke kan... ade hati nk mntk tuka matrik laen... bak kate abah, 'kamu ingat kamu tu anak menteri ke suke2 jek nk mntk tuka...??' kan.... pastu nk mntk tuka matrik selangor lak tu.. mmg x dpt la kan... tp sian gak kat die... br semggu kat sane, da nak blk... sebab nk blk?? nak basuh baju... x ke jauh tu..?? duk pilah nk basuh baju kt kuantan?? alasan nk blk je tuh... huhuh... by the way, nk cite pasal Pekan Pilah tu... even though its just a small town, it has da best mee rebus ever! im not lying... da mee rebus is awesome! everytime we went to Kuala pilah, we will definitely went to dat mee rebus stall.. if im not mistaken, it is called as Mee Rebus Brahim... according to my father, the stall has been there since my father was little... can u imagine..?? it means that the stall has been there for almost than 50 YEARS!! it was inherited from a generations to another... even though its been more than 5o years, the mee rebus is still taste da same... that was what my father said la... than, after eating and buy some stuff for my lil brother, its time to say good bye to him... hahahaha.. gud luck for ur orientation lil bro!! huhu..

the famous mee rebus!
i just remember, before we sent him for registration at the college, we were in Seremban.. staying at one of my relatives... as usual, when we are gathering, (the relatives and us), the this that we do is eat(of cos la kan), chit chatting, gossiping, and then go to sleep.. dat is our routine everytime we gather.. its like our tradition! hehehe.. but i really love it! during that visit, my uncle order like 60 pieces of CAPATI! can u imagine dat..??? 60 PIECES! and i was like ''banyak gile abah 2 order.." n abah 2 said "banyak ape nye.. kang ade yg x cukup tu.." (abah dua is my uncle...dont ask me why i called him abah 2 cos i also dont know why...) n beside capati, my aunties cook other dishes... there are fried chicken, some sort of fried longbean with eggs and also lamb curry.. it was SUPER DELICIOUS! honestly! capati tu da ade side dishes kan cam dhal and i dont know the name of another side dishes but it was made of potato that being cut into small pieces and cook with spices... and it was awesome! our plate s full with all those side dishes.. it looks like we eat the rice... why do i say so..?? cos, when i look at my cousins plate from far, it do look like we eat rice.... menggunung kot! i put all the side dishes around my plate and put da capati in da middle... just like da indians..(rase cam mkn kt kdai mamak ea..) but my cousins put everything on the capati.. so nmpk cam banyak giler lauk atas capati tu ea... n after finishing two pieces of the capati, i just cant eat anymore.. i was full! not because of the capati... i think its because of the side dishes... but still, it was great! heheeh....

delicious capati!
then, after eating, as usual, we, the youngsters will hangout in front the tv and the folks will sat at the dining table and starts talking... (i think they r more to gossiping... heheeh) while we watching da tv, suddenly one of my cousins propose a suggestion... (propose la sgt kan...) she wants to go to karaoke and want to treat us some more! n everyone was like... 'kaklong nk blanje..???? bia btol..??' n i was like, 'malas la karok, baek tgk wyg...' n she was like, 'ok gak tuh.. nk tgk citer pe..??' n i said 'Pirate of The Caribbean 4!' n she was like 'ok.. kaklong g siap skang..'... haaaa.... trus g siap ea... pastu ape lg, offer la kat sume org... kaklong nk blanje tuh,,, bkn senang die nk blanje... hehehe.. pas decide punye decide, las2 yg pegi 6 org jek...   x kisah la kan.. yg penting citer tu sgt la B E S T!! tgk 3D lg... hehehe.. kesian kaklong... by the way, thanx Kak Long for the treat! heheeh... n johnny depp was sooooooooooooooooo COOL! i love him! n da mermaid in the story.... aaahhhh..... i love mermaid... always.. when i was little, i always wanted to meet one... but as everyone know, mermaid does not exist... but, whether that mythical creature exist or not, we never sure... that are some proof, but still, it cant be proven... n no one actually seen a mermaid before.. but i always wanted to see one.. n if mermaid do exist, i really want to meet one... hehehe... it just a little girl dreams...

awesome movie!!
mermaids in the movie!
beautiful tails!
then, after say bye2 to my lil bro, we went back home...its only been two days spending time with my cousins n it was priceless.. really glad i followed my family sending my lil brother... heheh.... then smpi umah...kebosanan kembali... haisshhh..... a few days later, i got a missed call n a message from sumone who i hate the most at da moment! urrggghhhh!!!! why he always like to spoil my day..?? luckily da phone was not wit me when hes calling... because i know n im sure i will take his call... sebab saya sgt la fragile yer.... tp thank God da phone was not with me.. n i was like trying so hard not to return his call n replying his message... it is not an easy work though... but i'll try my best... hehee... u can do it farah liyana! yeay! n he absolutely can go to hell....! heheeh... but still i miss him... like sooo damn much... but i'll try to embrace myself... always remind myself that he's not worth it.... ok farah liyana... he totally not worth it.... hehehe...  but still, what ever happen, i will always, ALWAYS keep on smiling! cause smiling always brighten up my day! yeay! n i want to share with u guys a very sweet song from afghan... i dont know why but im falling in live with this song......  hehehe... enjoy!

a girl with smiles! =))

Friday, May 20, 2011

its been two weeks....

its been two weeks of my semester break... n what have i done in this two weeks..??? hurm... let me think... eat(obviously).. sleep... watch tv.. helping my mom in the kitchen.... tidy up my room(half of it at least)... hang out with my frens(sometimes)... basically that is all that i did... sgt la shet occay... basically i sleep a lot in this two weeks... occay, specifically in this week... why..?? cos majok ngn abah! huh! bley lak sowh blk tbe2 ea... padahal owg da bli tiket wayang da.. hancur luluh hati nk tgk citer KONGSI ngn tyra... sedey! so, tanda tunjuk protes, tdo lebih 12hours a day ea.. tp pdn muke dr sndr ea... sbb pastu pening.. cos tdo terlalu banyak.. amek kau.. merajuk la sgt kan... huhuhu.. tp skang da ok.. sbb tgk abah cam x sehat.. x best la plak nk majok kan... lgpon tgk wayang tu bile2 bley pg... n i only got one abah and he is da great abah in da world! yeay! i love u abah! even though slalu kene mrh sbb degil, but still, kaklong syg abah! hehehe...

before cuti tu berniat nk keje time cuti... nk cr duit lebeh la kononnye... tp as usual, abah x bagi.. sowh duk umah katenye.. tlg umi buat kueh... mule cam nk protes gak.. tp memandangkan agak susah la nk cr keje part time yg bg byk gaji (mmg xkan ade la kan), so, sy membuat keputusan tuk duk umah n tlg umi buat kueh jek.. lgpon, da nk dkt pose nie, baekla duk umah kan... lgpon umi kate kalo tlg die buat kueh, she will reward me with lots of  money! yeay! i love u umi! kaklong akan tlg buat kueh... (dgn harapan dpt iphone 4)... berangan je la lebeh kan... kalo dpt, mmg best la....! kalo x dpt, i redha... ceewwaahh! redha ke..?? huhu... tp yg penting i ikhlas tau! (tagline maksu ku)..

my abah n umi! 

 iphone 4 idaman!
tp yg pasti skang ni bosan gile... buat kueh bkn lame pon... pg smpi tgh hari.. kalo byk pon, smpi ptg jek... pastu melanguk dpn tv... bosan tol... x tau nk buat pe.. nk kuar pon xde geng... hurm... last2 mkn n duk dpn tv.. x pon ngadap lappy neh... ari2 ngadap lappy ni pon bosan gak... tp seb baekla ade tenet kan.. x la mati kutu sgt... tp on9 ari2 pon bosan... ape nk buat ek... haish.... what ever pon, life must go on... even mkn tdo mkn tdo jek... hehehe...

now, im missing sumone... hurm.. he keeps on appearing in my dreams... i want to call him, but my ego dont let me do it.. well... hes not da only one dat have ego... i also got mine.. n my ego is as tall klcc.. heheeh beside, hes da one that avoiding me.. not me... so, y shud i call him rite..?? or shud i call him..?? no la.. let him be... if he miss me, he'll call.....

'if he's meant for me, he'll come... if hes not meant for me, i'll let him go... and always pray for his happiness...'

this song represent my heart.... 

but still, no matter what happened, i will always smile... 

a girl with smiles! =))

Thursday, May 12, 2011

menghappykan diri.. yeay!

ok.. everytime im sad, frustrating, i always find a way to make myself happy again.. usually, i'll eat.. sometimes sing (meaning i go to karaoke with my frens), movies, n sometimes just take da car and njust drive... but most of the times, what i did was watch the movies... fairy tales movies!!! i llloooovvvveeeeeee fairy tales.... why? because it really soothing me.... hurmmm.... besides, its full of love,, magic.. beautiful and melodious songs... n dont forget the handsome prince! n da beautiful princess of course.... hikhikhik.. =))  i know most people didnt like fairy tales... they said its just for kids... well, it is for kids,, but its not wrong if adults love it too.. right.. n im sure there are lots of adults that also love fairy tales just like me.. hehehe.. some people dont believe in fairy tales... but some people does.. as for me.. im not sure.. but i always hope that my life would be like one.. hehehe... a handsome prince... that will come.. and take me as his life partner for eternity... one day... n he will only love me... just me... hehehe.. n im pretty sure that they will come... but i just dont know when.. hurmm... hehee...

ok.. lately ive been a little bit sad...ok fine... not that little... agak sedey jugak la kan... ye r... he lied to me! for like what... a zillioonnn times??!! urghh.. forget bout him... just now, i watched ELLA ENCHANTED!! well... its not a new movie.. its basically launched on 2004... i really love that story... well.. its not cartoon obviously... but still, its a story full of magic, with kingdom, prince, giant, elf and fairies! how i love those kind of story.... haaaiiii...... let me tell u guys a bit about ELLA ENCHANTED...

ELLA ENCHANTED is about a girl named Ella, who was given a 'gift' by a fairy, Lucinda. the gift was obedience. it means that Ella must obey anything anyone tells her to do. then, her mother passed away and her father remarries. as always in a fairy tales, her stepmother have two daughters. n basically two awful daughter. so, one of her stepsister found out that Ella will obey to anything anyone says, she starts to play prank her. she always asked her to do ridiculous things. until one day they met the price. the prince, of course a handsome young man, love by every ladies in the whole kingdom, attracted to Ella at the first moment of seeing her. so, the stories goes by with bumping into the ogres, giant, elf, the jealous stepsister.. n the list just go on.. the climax is when the prince uncle ask Ella to kill the prince, n she tried hard to not obey the order, but still, she doesnt has a chance.. so, when the prince brought her to the mirror room and proposed her, she actually try to kill her.. fortunately, she was able to destroy the curse and didnt kill the prince.. but unfortunately, the prince saw the dagger, she was arrested.. then, her friends (elf, ogres, giant) help freeing her from the prison and she was on time before the prince was crown as a king. the crown was poisoned by the uncle. so she tell everything to everyone. n everyone were shocked. n the prince finally believe her. n they get married and live happily ever after..... yeay!

so basically, that's it.. a young girl, a commoner, married a prince because of her beauty(of course), honesty and bravery.. and moral of the things, believe your heart and expect the unexpected... hehehe.. here are the few pictures of the actor and actresses...

the prince

the stepsisters

lucinda -the fairy 

the prince uncle

ella's guardian @ home fairy

ella's stepmother

that are some of the actor n actresses... n i also like the songs that sing by ella in this movies.. the song called 'somebody to love'... nice! 

and also the last song.. 'dont go breaking my heart'... 

well... what im trying to say is i really like this movie.. and it really made my day! n hopefully, i will be much more better tomorrow... 

note to self:
                    a) stop eating!
                    b) forget him!
                    c) cheer up!
hehehe.. that is just note to myself n hopefully i WILL fulfill it.. n as always i will keep on smiling cos smiles can really brighten up my day! so, enjoy the vids and dont forget, keeps smiling! =))

a girl with smiles =))