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Monday, December 13, 2010


       First impression is really important for everyone especially women. Women need to maintain a good image in front of people. Besides, image plays a big role in building a good personality in one’s life. There are lots of ways to leave a good impression. Here are a few tips that you can use to leave a good impression on your first meeting.

            The first thing that you should do is to be conscious about your hygiene. Make sure you take a bath before going to meet people. Use a scented body wash if u can. If not, wear fragrance ladies! Bear in mind that when you smell great, it will draws other people to you. When you smell great, you will feel gorgeous. Furthermore, people will remember those who smell gorgeous!  

            The second thing is get groomed. Sad as it is, we are judge by the way we dress, and that’s the reality. Pity for those who do not know how to groom and those who do not really care about their appearance, it’s such a waste. Wake up ladies! It’s time to make the changes. You don’t have to go for a complete wardrobe change, but just by simply mix and match. A few fashion magazines just might do. But, don’t become a fashion victim. It’s not a crime to ask for advice!

            Another way to leave a good impression is don’t afraid to color your face. You don’t need much to look polished. Just a keep a natural look and it’s enough to look fabulous. Remember that less is more. People don’t like those who look like clown. Besides coloring your face, don’t forget your hair. Your hair need to have attention too. They are like our personal crown. It is the first thing that people will look at. Make it simple and nice.

            Remember ladies, a first impression is really important. It reflects our personality and people perception towards us. So, we have to know on how to present ourselves in front of people in a perfect way. So, what you are you waiting for? Go and get yourself beautiful! Have fun and good luck! n don't forget to smile!!

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