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Saturday, December 31, 2011

the end of 2011 people!

today is da last day of 2011... 31st December 2011.. lots of things had happened throughout diz year... i mean A LOT.. hurm... let me see.. got a boyfriend.. got cheated... breaking up.. a miserable week.. totally  miserable.. holidays! besfrens got engaged.. besfrens got married! me? still not! hehe.. kene duduk umah sewa.. the increasing of my expanses.. (sory abah!) hehehe... 1st time cuti semester smpi 4bln.. (sangat LAMA!) n during that time what did i do? nothing! duk umah blaja jadi isteri solehah gitu... hahahahaha.. mmg x la kan.. hurmm... what else... ha.. admitted again... n diz time sbb denggi! bodo punye nyamuk! huh! nasib la baek... kalo x, da almarhum agaknye kan.. hehehe... hurm... trying to amend my heart.. make it work again... n it works! who knows rite..? hehe.. well, las time i check, its still beating... so it means it works perfectly , rite.. ahhaa...

ok.. everyone is talking about their 'azam'.. what is 'azam' in english..? google translate... DETERMINATION! is it? im not sure.. but still thats what pop up when i push 'enter'.. hehe..  hurm... what was my azam dis year? cant remember.. so obviously i didnt achieve it.. man..! hurm.. let me think again...

        dumb da stupid guy  =  check
        forget da stupid guy  =  almost but still, check
        berjimat cermat  = nope
        increase my pointer  = check
        wearing hijab  =  check =))
        change of attitude  =  not sure
        lose some weight  = totally nope!

hehehe... so, i dont think dats is all my azam, but still, and since most of it 'check', i considered myself as good! hehe.. good job farah liyana! good job! so, what is my azam for 2012? still not sure and still trying to fifure it out... hehe.. theres a lot dat i want to share but dont know how to write...so, i'll just post some pictures dat explain my memorable and unforgettable memory of 2011.. people say a picture consist thousands of words.. so enjoy!

the reunion of RANGERS!

my bff Mimie Couts is married!!

with another bff, Tyra Razak! shes also already engaged!

LANGKAWI people!

JOHOR trip!


ok.. dats about 2% of da pictures.. there are still lots more but i dont think i shud put everything rite.. hehehe... well... whats more to write? hurmm... well.. ending da year with a fabulous time! is it? yes it is! why? because... hehehe.. not going to tell u guys yet... i'll tell everyone if everything going smoothly... hehe.. something to think about? hahaha... btw, im going to start da year with FINAL EXAM! GOD! do help me ok? so, guys, do pray for me ok? and...............


may Allah bless us all! and have a BLAST people!!!!!
oh ya.. one of my new azam is giving smiles as much as i could! hehehe...
same goes to u... hopefully...

note to self: need to determine my determination... (pelik jek bunyinye kan? x kisahla...) =)

lots of love
a girls with smiles! =))

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