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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Girl and A Boy

through Facebook they met
a girl and a boy
from strangers to friends
from friends to more than friends
a friendship becomes a relationship
everything was flowery
but somehow everything have change
is it the girl?
is it the boy?
or both of them?
people talks about the boy
she heard but she does not listen
she choose to believe the boy
because she choose to believe
as time passes
she saw it
he's changed
and now
she begin to wonder
is she doing the right thing?
is believing in him the right thing to do?
because she cant hold it anymore
suddenly out of the blue
he wants to end it
he wants to end them
he wants to end the relationship
nothing much she can do
its hurt but she will try
try to accept it
and now
a relationship turn to a friendship
from more than friends to just a friend
from just a friend to strangers
and now
they just a girl and a boy
that met through Facebook

"u lied, i tried.
u hurt me, i tried.
u took me for granted, i tried.
u cheated, i tried.
u ignored me, i tried.
REMEMBER, i tried."


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