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Thursday, May 12, 2011

menghappykan diri.. yeay!

ok.. everytime im sad, frustrating, i always find a way to make myself happy again.. usually, i'll eat.. sometimes sing (meaning i go to karaoke with my frens), movies, n sometimes just take da car and njust drive... but most of the times, what i did was watch the movies... fairy tales movies!!! i llloooovvvveeeeeee fairy tales.... why? because it really soothing me.... hurmmm.... besides, its full of love,, magic.. beautiful and melodious songs... n dont forget the handsome prince! n da beautiful princess of course.... hikhikhik.. =))  i know most people didnt like fairy tales... they said its just for kids... well, it is for kids,, but its not wrong if adults love it too.. right.. n im sure there are lots of adults that also love fairy tales just like me.. hehehe.. some people dont believe in fairy tales... but some people does.. as for me.. im not sure.. but i always hope that my life would be like one.. hehehe... a handsome prince... that will come.. and take me as his life partner for eternity... one day... n he will only love me... just me... hehehe.. n im pretty sure that they will come... but i just dont know when.. hurmm... hehee...

ok.. lately ive been a little bit sad...ok fine... not that little... agak sedey jugak la kan... ye r... he lied to me! for like what... a zillioonnn times??!! urghh.. forget bout him... just now, i watched ELLA ENCHANTED!! well... its not a new movie.. its basically launched on 2004... i really love that story... well.. its not cartoon obviously... but still, its a story full of magic, with kingdom, prince, giant, elf and fairies! how i love those kind of story.... haaaiiii...... let me tell u guys a bit about ELLA ENCHANTED...

ELLA ENCHANTED is about a girl named Ella, who was given a 'gift' by a fairy, Lucinda. the gift was obedience. it means that Ella must obey anything anyone tells her to do. then, her mother passed away and her father remarries. as always in a fairy tales, her stepmother have two daughters. n basically two awful daughter. so, one of her stepsister found out that Ella will obey to anything anyone says, she starts to play prank her. she always asked her to do ridiculous things. until one day they met the price. the prince, of course a handsome young man, love by every ladies in the whole kingdom, attracted to Ella at the first moment of seeing her. so, the stories goes by with bumping into the ogres, giant, elf, the jealous stepsister.. n the list just go on.. the climax is when the prince uncle ask Ella to kill the prince, n she tried hard to not obey the order, but still, she doesnt has a chance.. so, when the prince brought her to the mirror room and proposed her, she actually try to kill her.. fortunately, she was able to destroy the curse and didnt kill the prince.. but unfortunately, the prince saw the dagger, she was arrested.. then, her friends (elf, ogres, giant) help freeing her from the prison and she was on time before the prince was crown as a king. the crown was poisoned by the uncle. so she tell everything to everyone. n everyone were shocked. n the prince finally believe her. n they get married and live happily ever after..... yeay!

so basically, that's it.. a young girl, a commoner, married a prince because of her beauty(of course), honesty and bravery.. and moral of the things, believe your heart and expect the unexpected... hehehe.. here are the few pictures of the actor and actresses...

the prince

the stepsisters

lucinda -the fairy 

the prince uncle

ella's guardian @ home fairy

ella's stepmother

that are some of the actor n actresses... n i also like the songs that sing by ella in this movies.. the song called 'somebody to love'... nice! 

and also the last song.. 'dont go breaking my heart'... 

well... what im trying to say is i really like this movie.. and it really made my day! n hopefully, i will be much more better tomorrow... 

note to self:
                    a) stop eating!
                    b) forget him!
                    c) cheer up!
hehehe.. that is just note to myself n hopefully i WILL fulfill it.. n as always i will keep on smiling cos smiles can really brighten up my day! so, enjoy the vids and dont forget, keeps smiling! =))

a girl with smiles =))

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