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Saturday, May 28, 2011

my life in a W E E K ...

ok... aku rase skang da dekat tiga mggu kot cuti... two words.. BOSAN GILER!! omg sgt ea... keje aku makan n tdo jek... xpon tolong umi masak... kalo rajin la... hehehe... ok.. let me see what have i done in diz week.. last week, balik seremban... why..?? cause i need to sen my brother.. he got to enter Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan... located at my father hometown which is in Kuala Pilah! can be considered as my hometown also la kan... at first, my lil brother does not want to go... because he thought that the college in in urban area... its true though.. there's nothing in its town... it just a small town... can be called as Pekan Pilah.. but still, he has to go... well, basically after being brain washed by my father la... hahaha... padan la muke kan... ade hati nk mntk tuka matrik laen... bak kate abah, 'kamu ingat kamu tu anak menteri ke suke2 jek nk mntk tuka...??' kan.... pastu nk mntk tuka matrik selangor lak tu.. mmg x dpt la kan... tp sian gak kat die... br semggu kat sane, da nak blk... sebab nk blk?? nak basuh baju... x ke jauh tu..?? duk pilah nk basuh baju kt kuantan?? alasan nk blk je tuh... huhuh... by the way, nk cite pasal Pekan Pilah tu... even though its just a small town, it has da best mee rebus ever! im not lying... da mee rebus is awesome! everytime we went to Kuala pilah, we will definitely went to dat mee rebus stall.. if im not mistaken, it is called as Mee Rebus Brahim... according to my father, the stall has been there since my father was little... can u imagine..?? it means that the stall has been there for almost than 50 YEARS!! it was inherited from a generations to another... even though its been more than 5o years, the mee rebus is still taste da same... that was what my father said la... than, after eating and buy some stuff for my lil brother, its time to say good bye to him... hahahaha.. gud luck for ur orientation lil bro!! huhu..

the famous mee rebus!
i just remember, before we sent him for registration at the college, we were in Seremban.. staying at one of my relatives... as usual, when we are gathering, (the relatives and us), the this that we do is eat(of cos la kan), chit chatting, gossiping, and then go to sleep.. dat is our routine everytime we gather.. its like our tradition! hehehe.. but i really love it! during that visit, my uncle order like 60 pieces of CAPATI! can u imagine dat..??? 60 PIECES! and i was like ''banyak gile abah 2 order.." n abah 2 said "banyak ape nye.. kang ade yg x cukup tu.." (abah dua is my uncle...dont ask me why i called him abah 2 cos i also dont know why...) n beside capati, my aunties cook other dishes... there are fried chicken, some sort of fried longbean with eggs and also lamb curry.. it was SUPER DELICIOUS! honestly! capati tu da ade side dishes kan cam dhal and i dont know the name of another side dishes but it was made of potato that being cut into small pieces and cook with spices... and it was awesome! our plate s full with all those side dishes.. it looks like we eat the rice... why do i say so..?? cos, when i look at my cousins plate from far, it do look like we eat rice.... menggunung kot! i put all the side dishes around my plate and put da capati in da middle... just like da indians..(rase cam mkn kt kdai mamak ea..) but my cousins put everything on the capati.. so nmpk cam banyak giler lauk atas capati tu ea... n after finishing two pieces of the capati, i just cant eat anymore.. i was full! not because of the capati... i think its because of the side dishes... but still, it was great! heheeh....

delicious capati!
then, after eating, as usual, we, the youngsters will hangout in front the tv and the folks will sat at the dining table and starts talking... (i think they r more to gossiping... heheeh) while we watching da tv, suddenly one of my cousins propose a suggestion... (propose la sgt kan...) she wants to go to karaoke and want to treat us some more! n everyone was like... 'kaklong nk blanje..???? bia btol..??' n i was like, 'malas la karok, baek tgk wyg...' n she was like, 'ok gak tuh.. nk tgk citer pe..??' n i said 'Pirate of The Caribbean 4!' n she was like 'ok.. kaklong g siap skang..'... haaaa.... trus g siap ea... pastu ape lg, offer la kat sume org... kaklong nk blanje tuh,,, bkn senang die nk blanje... hehehe.. pas decide punye decide, las2 yg pegi 6 org jek...   x kisah la kan.. yg penting citer tu sgt la B E S T!! tgk 3D lg... hehehe.. kesian kaklong... by the way, thanx Kak Long for the treat! heheeh... n johnny depp was sooooooooooooooooo COOL! i love him! n da mermaid in the story.... aaahhhh..... i love mermaid... always.. when i was little, i always wanted to meet one... but as everyone know, mermaid does not exist... but, whether that mythical creature exist or not, we never sure... that are some proof, but still, it cant be proven... n no one actually seen a mermaid before.. but i always wanted to see one.. n if mermaid do exist, i really want to meet one... hehehe... it just a little girl dreams...

awesome movie!!
mermaids in the movie!
beautiful tails!
then, after say bye2 to my lil bro, we went back home...its only been two days spending time with my cousins n it was priceless.. really glad i followed my family sending my lil brother... heheh.... then smpi umah...kebosanan kembali... haisshhh..... a few days later, i got a missed call n a message from sumone who i hate the most at da moment! urrggghhhh!!!! why he always like to spoil my day..?? luckily da phone was not wit me when hes calling... because i know n im sure i will take his call... sebab saya sgt la fragile yer.... tp thank God da phone was not with me.. n i was like trying so hard not to return his call n replying his message... it is not an easy work though... but i'll try my best... hehee... u can do it farah liyana! yeay! n he absolutely can go to hell....! heheeh... but still i miss him... like sooo damn much... but i'll try to embrace myself... always remind myself that he's not worth it.... ok farah liyana... he totally not worth it.... hehehe...  but still, what ever happen, i will always, ALWAYS keep on smiling! cause smiling always brighten up my day! yeay! n i want to share with u guys a very sweet song from afghan... i dont know why but im falling in live with this song......  hehehe... enjoy!

a girl with smiles! =))


  1. kalo bab mknn kemaen agi ea...hahahaha....x shre p0m....huhu

  2. hahahaha... standard r dek oi... huhuhu.. nnt kt g cari capati kt tganu ea.... heheehhe...