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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Being a small kid is fun rite? When we were little, all we did was just having fun.. We can do anything without worrying about a thing... Except getting scolded cause we were injured from doing sumthing that was fun to us.. And yet we still will do the same thing.. When we grow up, everything change.. from people to things.. Things that sometimes are really not fun at all.. As we grow up, we learn lots of new things.. We learn to like someone.. Having a crush on someone is a must for every teenager.. And we thought that it was love at first sight.. Its funny rite? But that was reality.. Then we learn how to love.. Love is a wonderful feelings.. It make us feels so happy.. And the feelings sometimes are unable to explain with words.. Those who are in love know the feelings of being in love.. Love is like promises between two people.. But once the promises is betray, its not love anymore.. Once we were betrayed, it marks a big hole on our heart.. People always said it can be healed.. Sure, it will healed but the scar will always be there.. Always.. Done with love, there's another thing called responsibility.. As we grow up, our responsibility grow up with us.. The older we get, the higher responsibility we will hold.. And sometimes we don't ever ready to have or hold this responsibility.. But still, we have to.. The best we can do is just wish that we are able to do our responsibility well.. I'm not sure why am I talking about all this.. Maybe because I just feel like writing something..

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