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Saturday, January 26, 2013

addicted to DROP DEAD DIVA

     i cant stop watching DROP DEAD DIVA! n never tired of watching Spy Kids-All The Time in the World. In fact, i'm watching it now at 2.00 am when i am supposed to go to sleep... hurmm... well, that is not what im going to talk about.. well, Drop dead diva, is an inspiring drama series! this drama series is about a wannabe model, Deb that died in a car accidents and somehow get back to the world because she was annoyed by an officer at the heaven when she just push a return button when she is not supposed to and end up in another person body, named Jane who was a super busy lawyer that died because she took a bullet for his boss. So, basically she went from a model wannabe with not so smart brain to a genius and super busy lawyer with a plus size body. 

     Since it a drama series, so there are lots of conflicts that happened like Deb boyfriends, Greyson that actually work with Jane and it make it hard for Debs in Jane body to work at the law firm. The drama series is about the law firms, lawyers, cases (lots of cases) and those who are into law thingy should watch it (I think). Well, i just finished season 2 (n think that is why i cant stop thinking about Shahid Kapoor..) hurmmm.. well, like i just said or wrote, just finished watch two seasons in two days (dont ask how or why) and still cant stop. Tomorrow I'm gonna watch season 3. Cant wait! n the story made me realizes that u can achieve anything by being yourself and not live up to someone else expectation. How do i realize that? Well, u need to watch the series if u wanna know! i think i used lots of 'well'.. hurmmm... whatever... so, below is the trailer of Drop Dead Diva season 1. feel free to watch!
 owh ya... to whom it may concern, da video below is for u..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

may Allah bless u always! ^_^

to others, have a blast weekends!

lots of love,
a girl with smiles! =))

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